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Contact Information
- HIPAA Office Contact Info - DHHS Coordinators

bullet HIPAA Office Contact Info

No vendor solicitation please. To view open positions and information about the NC Statewide IT Procurement Process, see http://www.its.state.nc.us/ITProcurement/.

The DHHS HIPAA Office provides support to NC DHHS divisions and offices regarding interpretation and implementation of the HIPAA Regulations. Similar services are also available to other NC State agencies, as deemed appropriate. Questions will be prioritized and the questions from internal DHHS staff will be answered first. A list of contacts for DHHS staff and others is provided below.

  • DHHS Staff
    Internal DHHS staff should contact their HIPAA Coordinator or Privacy Official within the central office of their division/office for questions concerning HIPAA interpretations or implementation efforts. A list of HIPAA Coordinators can be viewed on the DHHS HIPAA Coordinator page. Questions for the DHHS HIPAA Office can be sent to DHHS HIPAA Questions.
  • Private Health Care Providers and Health Plans
    For information about HIPAA impacts to your practice or business, please contact your professional association (e.g., State Hospital Association, State Medical Society, etc.).
  • Others
    NC DHHS HIPAA Office staff will not respond to questions specific to the regulations from non-NC DHHS staff. Privacy questions can be submitted to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) via the OCR HIPAA Hotline: 866-627-7748 or via the OCR web site. Questions concerning transactions, code sets, identifiers, and security can be directed to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) via the CMS HIPAA Hotline 866-282-0659 or via the CMS web site.


Correspondence can be directed to the following addresses:


bullet Physical Address:
    695 Palmer Drive
    Raleigh, NC 27603-2250

bullet Main Number: (919) 855-3171
Fax Number : (919) 733-8871

bullet Mailing Address:
    2015 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699-2015